Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, all our cars come with a 6 month warranty as standard.

Our standard 6 month warranty gives you an unlimited number of claims up to £500 each for the period. Unlike most warranties, there is zero excess to pay on any claim.

The warranties cover breakage of most major components on older vehicles, and cover more parts if the vehicle is less than 10 years old or has covered less miles.

Yes, we are happy to take most cars in part exchange. We usually offer better than the valuation guides and often a lot higher than WeBuyAnyCar etc.

To get our trade-in values, we use industry standard CAP, Glasses Guide, and Parkers Guide.

Many people think their car is worth more than it is simply because they have seen high asking prices from other sellers, eg on dealer’s forecourts or on the Internet.

Sellers can ask any price they like for a car, but it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The price guides we use (eg CAP, Glasses, Parkers) are based on what dozens of similar cars have actually sold for across the UK.

Unless your car is exceptional, it is unlikely it will sell for much more than the price guide averages.

Trade-in price will be less than what you could sell your car for in a private sale, which will also be less than a dealer’s selling price.

If you buy a car in a private car sale, there is no comeback if something is wrong with the car that you didn’t notice at the time of sale, or any comeback if something goes wrong with the car shortly after you had bought it. There is more risk buying a car privately, hence the cost is less.

Trading in a car to a dealer saves you the hassle of preparing the car, advertising it, dealing with buyers coming to your house, taking them for test drives, dealing with time wasters, no-shows, amateur mechanics, idiots, and people offering you low prices. You may have to advertise many times over weeks or months before you sell your car. You may have a period with no car, or two cars and you may have to store your second car and keep it cleaned and prepared until you sell it.

The car dealer has to cost in all the above and also has to prepare the car to a much better degree than a private seller. The car must be ‘fit for purpose’ under the Sales Of Goods Act so any issues with the car must be fixed before sale. Therefore, you can expect a car dealer to sell a car for more than a private seller.

We sell our cars through our ‘Internet Showroom’ and unlike many car dealers we do not have an expensive forecourt to rent or maintain.

We are a small husband and wife team so we don’t have staff salaries or bonuses and commissions to pay.

We have a small, select, amount of stock which reduces our overheads.

Our turnover is low so we are not VAT registered.

We work from home so we don’t have to rent storage space or a workshop.

The owner of Monmouth Used Cars, Phil Brian, has been buying and selling cars for almost 30 years. Phil wrote a book on the subject in 1997.

In 2007, Phil moved to Monmouth and started selling cars from home in 2012.

We believe buying a car from our home gives you more security than buying from most dealers’ forecourts.

Yes, all our cars are HPI checked and all clear unless specified.

We use Autotrader Vehicle Check powered by Experian.

We do not offer finance as our small, select choice of cars doesn’t warrant adding this service.

We can put you in touch with a local company who can offer finance, or we suggest trying a market comparison website to get the best deal for you.

Yes, we take all reasonable steps to ensure your car will provide you with trouble-free motoring. We personally drive each car at least 50 miles before offering it for sale, to ensure it is ready for the new owner.

It depends on the car’s service history but if it has not been serviced for a while, we will give the car a full or mini-service. If the car has had a recent service we will still check the fluid levels and give it a visual check.

All our cars have a long MOT or a new one is put on.

Yes, we offer a nationwide delivery service from £1 per mile and try and deliver cars personally if possible. Otherwise we can arrange transport through fully insured parties.

We have sold cars all over the UK including Plymouth, Northumberland, Scotland, Hampshire, Cheshire, as well as more local areas such as Bristol, Cardiff, Bath and Gloucester.

We are so confident in our honest descriptions that we ask only that you pay us a small deposit and to cover our travel costs.

Generally, our working ours are 9am to 6pm but as a small, independent dealer, we work very flexible hours to suit you.

So if you can only meet at weekends or during the evening, this isn’t a problem for us. Contact us and we will do our best to meet you when it is best for you.

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